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Full Version: HP 9865a cassette tape drive
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Hi -

I recently acquired a 9865a tape drive to go with my 9810a calculator. After a bit of fiddling around, I've gotten it to work. Does anyone have service info. or schematics for this beast? The only thing I was able to find was the interface schematics drawn by Tony Duell...

Also, does anyone have a manual (or pdf) for the 11265a cassette i/f ROM for the 9810a? All I have is a stapled set of yellowing Xerox copies. If no one has a clean copy, I suppose I will scan these and transfer them to pdf format, and upload them to this site or the .net site...


Yes, unfortunately I only have the interface, not the complete drive. And I suspect shipping a drive, even if one was for sale, would be out of the question for me.

I suspect (based on the part numbers) that the HP9830 internal tape drive uses some of the same PCBs as the 9865. Now the tape drive is one of the few bits of the 9830 that is field-repaired to component level. You can get full schematics of the 9830, and the 9830 service manual from the same place that you got the 9865 interface diagram.

I suspect that with that information it won't be hard to figure out the rest of the drive unit.

Hi Tony -
Thanks very much for this info.! and also your other schematics - they've helped me maintain my 9810a and 9866 printer as well!