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Full Version: Looking for schematics
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Does anyone have schematics for the 82143A and/or 82153A? Yes, I know about the HPCC CDROM, but I really only need one or both of these...

Thanks, Monte

I've paid a lot more than the cost of the HPCC CD-ROM for just _one_ schematic in the past... And profits from the sales of that disk support one of the few HP calculator clubs still going.

However, I can see the point if you only want one diagram (particulalry as the 82153 diagram is only one sheet...)

Have you tried contacting Dave Colver (who produces the CD-ROMs). He might be prepared to send you just those 2 diagrams.

Ignazio Cara was kind enough (thank you Ignazio!) to send me scans of the service manuals for these two devices, so I'm good.