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Full Version: Long Live RPN... and Go Giants! (somewhat off topic)
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Today was a very good hump day.

Edited: 28 Oct 2010, 12:35 a.m.

11 to 7. but it's not over yet.

The Texans may take this to the supreme court.

LOL :)

It's 1-0 Giants, let's see them do the same tonight (without the giving up 7 runs part).

On topic: I am still impressed with RPN

Agreed. We're going to today's game, leaving Fresno in about an hour for our adventure. If only we had paid $85,500 for a suite, then we could have invited 18 of y'all. Instead, we're near the left field foul pole.

I'm rooting for the Mets... you know, Nolan Ryan and Jeff Francoeur. :p

Go Phillies! ;_

you saw a great game fred. i listened on knbr. that's a
so far.
looking like we might load this whole series into four level stack.

It was a great game. Cain was awesome, even got a single. The 8th innning was truly remarkable with so many runs scored with 2 outs and walking runners in.