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Full Version: EMU71 in my pocket and on my pad.
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Apple let iDOS slip through the approval process and now its possible to run DOS apps including EMU71 on the iPhone/iPad. Screen shots below.

iPhone 4:

iPad (3 pics):

Edited: 26 Oct 2010, 3:16 p.m.

I don't see iDOS in the app store. Does it go by another name? What other software do I need to get/install?



Wow! That was fast. It's gone. Sorry folks.

Crap! :-)

Email me if you see it come back...



It included two abandonware titles. Hopefully after they remove them it will be put back up. I have little hope.

Lode Runner... :-)

I do not have Load Runner for DOS, so I ran an Apple II emulator on a DOS emulator to play Load Runner on my iPad.

is there a way to email an app to a friend?...




you could have something like Loderunner with less effort on your iP.
On hpcalc.org , there are some Loderunner implementations for the HP-48, which will also work on the m48(+) for the iP.

Just for the curiosity, the 1st Loderunner imp. in the search result list is called "Android"...so you could tell your friends that you run Android on your iP;-)


iDOS 1.0.1 has been sent in for approval sans the included games. Hopefully this will get it back up. Worse case you can jailbreak and install dospad (it's the JB version of iDOS).

More info: http://www.litchie.net/apps/dospad.html

URL above.