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Full Version: How does one add a third-party program to Droid48?
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I have used HP calculators ever since college. Now that I have found Droid48 I have one less piece of gear to carry around. One question though -- how can I transfer programs into Droid48. Since it uses the HP48 ROM, I assume it is expecting serial communications.

Has anyone succeeded in transferring programs into Droid48?

Thanks for the help,


1. Connect your phone to the PC
2. Copy the file to your phone.. I recommend the directory ".48"
3. Start Droid48
4. Press MENU -> Put program on stack
5. Repeat as necessary.

Actually, with 8 Gb of storage, you could put all of HPCALC.ORG on your phone and install what you want.. I just tried part of it with PTOE.LIB, JAVA20, and ICE.ENT.

Many thanks. That definitely increases the usefulness of the program.