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To All:

Quick question: Does anyone know of a repository that has collected HP-15C software written over the years? I got an old 15C recently and I couldn't find anything about software on either this website or the internet. If I'm missing something and it's as plain as the nose on my face, then sorry to have bugged everyone and please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for the help,

Hello, Gerry --

There is a meager assortment of Software Library programs for the HP-15C at the Forum's main page:

I have intended to add several of my own programs that might be practical:

Valentin Albillo's clever program, found halfway through the following thread, solves a numerical puzzle posed by me:

Several reasons may explain the apparent dearth of user-submitted programs for the HP-15C, despite its ample programming capabilities:

  1. Useful advanced mathematical functions, such as numerical integration, rootfinding, linear algebra, and complex-domain calculations, are already built in -- no need to write routines for them.

  2. The 7-segment display offers very limited alphanumeric capability without clear prompting for input or identification of results. Instructions are represented by displayed keycodes. This does not facilitate permanent-residence programs that remain understandable over time.

  3. No electronic I/O for saving or loading programs is available.

-- KS

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I have been experiencing the same thing. Thank you for posting!

I am also interested in NNN(non normalized numbers) on the HP15c. I believe these were discovered 'back in the day' (back in the 'decade'!)!, but I've found little done with them.

If anyone has any references to these, it would be appreciated.


or here for starters.

Well it would seem that there are 15C programs out there.

Of course any of the programs for simple RPN machines with keycode programming would work.

Take a look at the following calcs and search for their programs:

HP 34C
HP 25
HP 11 and 10
HP 65
HP 67

Granted there are built in function differences but these can be converted easily to the 15C requirement.

I use the 15C in my shirt pocket for a suite of aviation related programs and it always gets looks from the other crew.

Also, if you were at HCC2010 I had one of the 15C's flashing in the display, with the use of NNN:

"Hello PPC"

I got the description of the program, synthetics and NNN's from Eric Smiths site in which he cites Allen F Tennants, "Synthetics on the HP 15C"

Synthetics on the HP 15C

Cheers, Geoff

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