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Full Version: 9100 B on TAS goes for $5600.00
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for a calculator with only a three level stack?

$5600 for a calculator is too much. Prefer spending $5600 in a Rolex than in a calculator. If you go to a 2nd hand shop, pawn shop, I doubt you can get more than $200 for such calculator.

$200??? How about $20 in a pawn shop.

Is possible that if the winner of the auction goes to an antiquorum can recover at least $4500? If not, it seems to me a bad purchase.

$20? How about $2 at a garage sale.

OK ... I am buying for $2!!



I thought it would go for about 1500GBP or 2385USD at current rates. Never expected in my wildest dreams what the final price would be - and the same person bought the plotter for a pretty large sum too.

My views on the 9100B I've said enough - I'd love one, it is my holy grail - but at that sort of money and if it sets the tone for any future auctions, I'm stuffed!

In the UK, we have charity shops and such but the chances of such a beast turning up in one are almost nill and I think there is also some over-safe rule concerning electrical goods and testing which means they might get refused and end up in a skip. Terrible thought!

for a calculator with only a three level stack?

And you can't fit it in your pocket, it needs mains, weighs a tonne and has a CRT display! But....... I still want one! :)

... and a humble 15C goes for US$777. Item 200526940627.
Scary! Cheers, Keith

Well, I've got the plotter and a 9815 to drive it. Don't think I'd get that kind of money for it in the UK though.