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Full Version: RealCalc: a very nice RPN calc for Android
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I have recently installed RealCalc on my Android phone, and I must say, I am really impressed. Aside from the lack of tactile feedback, this is one of the best RPN calculators.
It is more in the style of the 32SII: more functions on the keys, compared to the 42s.
The unit conversions, and the use of numbers in other bases, are very well implemented and very easy to use. The number of stack levels visible is configurable (I keep it on 2).

At work, not daring to leave my 32SII on the table (in an open cubicle area), I use a 33s, but I have to say, RealCalc is better implemented, except for the lack of tactile feedback (the phone can be set to vibrate when a key is pressed, but it's not quite the same).
If you are looking for an excellent RPN calculator to have always with you, give it a try!


PS: I have no affiliation with the developers of RealCalc. I am simply an enthusiast of HP RPN calculators who is very glad to have found a very well implemented RPN calc for Android -- especially given the mixed quality of the 35s (and in part, the 33s).

At work, not daring to leave my 32SII on the table (in an open cubicle area), I use a 33s,

A company that hires kleptomaniacs? Or just a large company where you don't know (trust) everyone?

I guess I am spoiled, having worked for a small company most of my career. But I did have my prized "jeweled" stainless protractor (from my Dad) sprout wings many years ago...

Yes, I agree. That is my favorite calc too.

Droid48 keeps getting better. It's not iPhone m48 quality, but it's very usable.


I actually work in a very good company, but once your floor is wide open, has hundreds of people, incuding contractors for cleaning, for helping people relocate, for this, and for that...
Yes, I once had the luxury of working in an office with a door. That is now gone! And I treasure my HPs too much to leave them in the open like that. I am sure they would be fine, but I don't want to experiment. So I was very glad to see RealCalc: at least now I always have with me a very good RPN calculator -- if a virtual one.

Yes, I tried Droid48 as well. It works very well, but for me, it is over-complicated for what I need to do. I have a high-powered PC in front of me at work, so I don't need another programmable object -- I need something with which to do quick calculation to check data, etc, and for that, the simpler 32SII (at home) or RealCalc (at work) is better.

Trivial problem: I can't find a screenshot of the RPN keyboard of this. TIA for your support.

Hello Walter,

They were updating a new version at the time I came back to the web site to check, but it seems to me there was a header tittled " Screenshots" in the middle of the page, IIRC.




Yes, RealCalc is very good. My favorit.

But I have tactile feedback! I run version v1.4.3 on a Sony Ericsson Experia X10.

(But I really like handyCalc too...)

Best regards,

Thanks for pointing this one out. I installed it and it seems every bit as good as you indicate.

Bonjour Jean-Michel,

you're right, but those are just the Casio-style keyboards. What I was looking for was the RPN keyboard ...

I'm a college student, and occasionally calculator theft is a problem here, but the thieves don't seem terribly interested in RPN calculators.

I first started using RPN after my TI-89 was stolen (I left it in a classroom and when I came back 10 minutes later it was gone). Since then, I've left my 48g in several places for long periods of time (In a computer lab for about 6 hours, in my coat in the student center, on lab desks, and nobody's walked off with it yet. Although I've never observed anyone else here using an HP, I might be the only person on campus who knows RPN and the thieves think it's broken :-P