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Full Version: HP 97 data Card 2
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If you have an HP-97 with a properly workning card reader and would be willing to create and send a Data Card 2 to me I'd appreciate it. E-mail me what you think would be a fair payment the card, postage to So. California, and your time.

As you might know, Data Card 2 is used in testing and adjusting the card reader. Here's how to create it, as explained on page C-3 of the Service Manual:

0. Turn power on
1. Enter the data below into the indicated registers
2. Print the registers to confirm correct data
3. Press Function key then W/ Data key
4. Feed side 1 into the card reader.
5. Clip the write-protect corners.

Register Number
0 5.061779945+01
1 0.000000000+00
2 3.088997250+01
3 -2.238303285+21
4 4.301773670+27
5 0.000000000+00
6 0.000000000+00
7 0.000000000+00
8 0.000000000+00
9 0.000000000+00
A -4.444444444-44
B -3.333333333-33
C -2.222222222-22
D -1.111111111-11
E 8.000000000-77
I -3.000000000+00

Edited: 28 Sept 2010, 5:53 p.m.


I'm willing to do this, I'll need to buff up on how to enter the data (I just recently got a purchased 97 running)

Card reader seems fine. Rights and reads the standard cards.

drop me an email so I can get your mailing addess.


Thanks, Adam. Just sent you an email.

BTW, to send the email I just clicked on your login ID. You should be able to do that to send me email too. Let me know if it doesn't work.


Hi Ed:

What part of Southern Californis do you live in? I live in West LA and have two functioning HP-97s the last time I checked. If we are near each other perhaps one of my 97s can help you confirm the interchangability of your card reader.

I'm on vacation this week after attending HHC 2010 so if you want to contact me, please send me an email at g_schultz at ca dot rr dot com.