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Full Version: Who's got the HP-41 Digital Cassette Drive Demo Program?
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I believe that this program was shipped with all the 82161 digital cassette drives at one time. I have the instruction sheet, but no demo program. Anyone have it?

I have the Demo Program but no instruction sheet.

I sense that we have a mutually beneficial transaction in the making. I will send you address, and request the same from you so that I can send you a copy of the instructions. Thanks.

Please let me know how I can copy this program onto another cassette for you. Can the HP-41 hold the entire program? Also, where can I get another cassette?

If you have the HP-41, HP-IL interface module, and either the card reader, HP-9114 disk drive, or the cassette drive, then the program can be copied onto the appropriate media. If the program is in subroutines, then it is possible that the HP-41 will not hold them all at once, but the subroutines can be copied one at a time. As far as another cassette, I sometimes see them listed for sale. The original price was around $10, and they seem to go for about that now, if you can find them. I got a few used ones from the Interfab liquidation, and some might still be available there.