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Full Version: It seems my e-mail address is being used by someone else
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Hi, people;

please, forgive-me you all (mostly Dave) if any of you received any strange e-mail supposely sent by me. As many of you post your e-mails and we are serious enough respecting this "sanctuary" (no pun intended at all), many others can get in and read everything in here.

I received the following e-mail today:

I got a blank e-mail from you. Was it related to my search for an HP 48SX
or the HP32SII I have for sale?

On Tue, 07 May 2002 08:20:48 -0400 (EDT) lcvieira
<lcvieira@quantica.com.br> writes:

I never sent that that e-mail. At first, I suspected a virus, but I did not have the receiver e-address in my computer. Coincidence: he had announced some personal interest about HewPack calculators (I don't know if it was at Museum's Classified Ads), and I was not aware about it, but my name (and eventualy my e-mail address) has been around here.

This is also to let you know about it.

Cheers. And be care.

so that wasn't a picture of you on all fours, buck nekid except for a doggie collar? i'll disregard it then. that explains why the person in the photo wasn't good looking enough to be an hp user....or brazilian!


Mam, you here sometimes take my breath away. When I began reading that, I felt breathless... Is it for real? Ahn? Please, tell me you're jokking...


This can be a Klez virus - not at your computer. Klez sends email from a infected computer, signed with entries from this computer's address list. In other words, some infected computer has your address listed and Klez used it.
Renato Toi

Thanks! Where are you?

(Valeu; você está onde?)

I'm in Campinas,SP.
E você ?


yes i was joking. there's a saying in english: "ask a question, get an answer". is there one like that in portugese?

Yes, we have some... but the best suited for this is:

"Perguntou, tomou!" (~ you asked, you took!)

Best regards.

(Doggie collar? Mam...)

Thanks, Ty;

I scanned my net (four computers) and no one is infected by Klez. Fortunately.

Cheers and thanks.

cool. i might have even guessed it from it's similarity to spanish had i read it first, but not if i had heard it. my ear is not that good. i wonder if they have a "preguntaste, tomaste."