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Full Version: HHC Early Arrivers and gauging Interest in RMNP Trip?
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If anyone is arriving before Friday and would like to get together (lunch, just to talk, whatever), feel free to send me an email (myname@hp.com - no spaces, underscores or dots) with your phone # and I will give you a call or something.

Also, I am trying to gauge interest in driving up to the high alpine road in Rocky Mountain National Park. It seems if there are enough people early enough, I could take a load in the Minivan on either Thursday evening, Friday evening, or Sunday evening. We'd need to be leaving at 4pm by the latest to get up top with enough light to see, and then the sun set at 630 or so. Provided it doesn't close due to snow before then, I can do that if there are enough interested people.


Edited: 22 Sept 2010, 12:58 p.m.

I'm so jealous of all the folks who can go to HHC2010!

Hi Tim,

Just arrived at the hottel, rom 330


Patrice & Tim, (and anyone else attending)

I'm in room 424.