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Full Version: HP-21 sells for nearly $400 on TOS!
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Now I regret cannibalizing so many cheap HP-21's in the past for working ACT chips!

I always thought the acronym was "TAS" for "The Auction Site." What is "TOS" ?

"That Other Site". Sort of like, "He who must not be named..." For those of us who are avoiding mentioning--- you know, THAT site. Maybe I've got it wrong and will still be struck down by lightning.

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You meant TAS ....


Looks like a bid war between two guys who felt they had to have a mint HP-21. If it were the case that 40 of those 60 bids were from unique buyers, then I would feel regretful about cannibalizing those HP-21 calculators.

Just my 21 cents.

I didn't see this particular auction, but in the past it seems that the HP 21 has been a pretty common Woodstock, and rarely if ever have I seen them sell for over $200. I have one that is pretty minty that cost me less than $100. Had this been an HP 27 or 29C or maybe even a 25C I could understand it if they sold for such an amount, but the HP 21 and 25 should not. As you said, it was just a bidding war between two big egos or perhaps a shill at work here?

I always thought "That Other Site" was this TOS

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Well, there might be HP-21s that are quite rare and might be worth $400, like this one:
Yokogawa HP-21

Not for me, but OTOH the HP-41CY Turbo, absolutely!

Thanks - Joerg

Greetings from The Dark Side of the Moon!

So I really should sell my Woodstocks...

But for various reasons, I prefer not to sell on TAS.



That's one of my Holy Grails, but that's another thread :-)

I think you're right...

Nope! It's another site dedicated to the HP41C.

Juergen: That IS very cool.

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