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Full Version: HP-35 red dot confirmation
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I own an HP-35 Red Dot, but I have no way of validating that this is an original / genuine Red Dot and not a fake.

Is someone in this forum with enough experience in these models and some spare time, willing to take a look at the calculator (even open it if necessary) and confirm if this is in fact a genuine Red Dot ?

I pay of course shipping both ways, but as for the actual validation work, think of it as a favor to a fellow MoHPC member:)

I would prefer someone in the US.

Thank you !

If I wanted the best possible validation of red-dottedness (to coin a phrase), I would want a collective opinion on this not just one person's. Why not post some very good close up pictures of the top and bottom of your calculator on this forum and let all of those who claim expertise on the subject offer comments. You can then draw your own conclusiion based on the responses, hopefully there will be a clear consensus.

This should cost you nothing if you have access to a digital camera and almost certainly get a much faster response -- while at the same time offering us more grist for the mill :)


Edited: 17 Sept 2010, 2:32 a.m.

I want agree completelly with Katie's opinion. Let us see your baby, please.


Edited: 17 Sept 2010, 2:26 a.m.

That makes sense; the only thing i need now is a good camera (mine is not so great). I will get my hands on one and post the pictures here.

Thank you!