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Full Version: Corvallis Division - DIV.39
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I tested yesterday a nice Canon X-07 for that auction site and found folded in the box two interesting shipping documents:

1) The unit was purchased in Japan by the company Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard and sold to Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, CA.

2) Shipping address was Corvallis Division - DIV.39.

Any idea about the responsibility of DIV.39 in 1983? Skunkworks?

Second question: The "Handy Personal Computer" states Canon X-07, the box reads X-07R. Any idea what the "R" is for? Not for rechargeable batteries...

Thanks for your help.


Joerg, Albedo 0.39 was an excellent music album released in 1976 by Vangelis:

Albedo 0.39



Can't find any trace to 0.39 on this document - and it is from July 1983 ;-))




1. HP was evaluating their competition.

2. Someone at HP simply wanted to use the Canon in their work.