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Full Version: HP-IL Chips (1LB3-0003) and other goodies - what to do with them?
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Hello - In going through my old things I found three unused HP 1LB3-0003 HP-IL chips. Those are the DIPs that were used in many of HP's HP-IL devices to provide that interface. As I dig further into the old storage unit I'm emptying, I should be able to find the documentation including the design notes I still have from then.

Also found my HP-110 Portable in its leather case and complete set of manuals (and with its memory boosted to 512k instead of 288k and CPU replaced with an 8MHz NEC V-30, roughly doubling its speed), my HP-9114A disk drive and other toys.

Anyone still interested in using these? Shall I arrange to get them to HHC2010 if I can't make it?

Jim Horn, Hood River, Oregon, USA (PPC 1402, etc.)

I would be interested in the ILB3-0003 chips, do you have the pulse transformers that go with them? I would also be interested in the HP-110 but suspect it may be expensive to ship it across the continent.

Hi, Paul - Chips are yours if you want them. I don't think I have any transformers but will continue to dig through the storage. Pulse Electronics probably has some that will serve just fine.

Egan Ford - The HP Portable, 9114A and documents are saved for you.

All - I'm still digging through storage that's been away for years which includes stuff from 10 years at HP ('79 - '89). Things that aren't "valuable" to the rest of the world but of interest to this group will appear here as I find it for those who want it. No charge.

Best to all - this is a *tremendous* group!

Jim Horn (Hmmm - what to do with a still sealed in the box Versatron Foot Mouse?)