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Full Version: OT: Ti-01? (RF microcontroller watch)
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Anyone have a one of these: TI EZ430 Chronos sports watch?

Quite a bit of hardware/software for $49.

Be sure to watch the .wmv on this Page

Yup, I bought it this past spring, but admit I haven't done much with it. I can tell ya, the firmware is BEGGING to be re-written! Even WITH the manual, I am still stumped as to some of the modes it gets in. Weird.

Development kit is surprisingly sparse. The watch, a CD-ROM with the software, a USB programmer and something else (can't remember at the moment). I bought it hoping to re-write it into something interesting (there is a VERY cool door opener app that communicates via RF to an electric door lock). Just haven't had time to play.

If anyone else is messing with it, let's collaborate!



Ugly. What can you actually do with it? (We can assume it tells time).

A completely programmable, custom watch for $49? That doesn't sound all that ugly to me! You can do anything you want with it. You could make it tell time in Klingon, set off alarms ever 3.14152653 minutes or even have it talk to your HP calculator to display results on your wrist. Basically, anything you WANT it to do, limited only by the hardware and software (which you write).

Ugly appearance.

You can do anything you want with it... limited only by the hardware and software ...

Sounds like two big limitations to me.

Uh, sounds like a lot of things one could do there. Why not add 5 bucks to the costs and use a 80x80 pixel display instead. Now *that* would be useful for quite a couple of applications.

Yes, I have one. Have not played with it yet though.

Much thicker than I expected (15mm). My uWatch2 designs can easily beat that.

The inverted display I also find hard to read.

I also have a Timex USB Datalink which is another programmable watch. I even have a scientific calculator app in it!


Ah, good point. I too have a really hard time with those inverted displays. I mean, good in bright light, but MOST of the time I am not in a place where it helps. Now, if it were switchable, that would be awesome. ;-)

I have a beautiful Nixon watch with an inverted display and I have the same problem...