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Full Version: (Another) HHC 2010 kind request, please.
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I have no financial ways of getting to HHC 2010. Therefore I will really appreciate if some of the HHC participants somehow can share their photos after the conference.

I'm sure that I not the only one who would really like to be there ;-)

Thanks in advance!

Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen

Edited: 5 Sept 2010, 6:20 a.m.

Usually the HHC web site posts pictures taken during the last HHC conference.


And last year, Eric (I believe) kindly tweeted during the course of the conference. Much appreciated!!


There will also be DVDs of the entire conference video available some time afterward as well. The conferences have been videotaped for the past 23 consecutive years.

Jake Schwartz


Although this is ridiculously late, I wanted to mention that the 6 DVD set of the 16-hour HHC2009 Conference video is now available. I interested, check http://www.pahhc.org/video.htm .

Jake Schwartz

P.S. - See you at HHC 2010 on Sept. 25th.


Have you thought about streaming the conference live this year (except for NDA stuff)? Probably not too difficult and inexpensive these days. And bandwidth is hardly an issue..