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Full Version: Rarity and Value of the 82184A Plotter Module
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As part of a box of HP stuff I bought was the HP 41 Plotter module and manual. The manual is quite thick. I always like to look things up to see how good of a deal I got, but it does not seem that these sell on TAS that often.

Any ideas from previous auctions?

I don't have any idea, but I have several of the things so I would be interested in any answers you get.



The plotter module is not that rare, it appeared regularly on eBay in the last few years. To get a plotter with an HP-IL interface is more difficult. But fortunately, there is also the HP-IL/HP-IB interface so you can also look for a plotter with HP-IB interface. These plotters are more common and therefore much cheaper.

Plotting using an HP-41 is SLOW. If you want to see it in action, look at my YouTube video: HP-41 draws sine curve


Hi Juergen, I have a plotter with the HP-IB and a converter, but have not used the plotter module with it yet. I saw your video when you first posted it and I think that is what got me excited to get a plotter. It looks like the module has some ML routines that may speed up things some, so I'm going to rewrite a program I created and see if it does. It draws a "spirograph" type of design.