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Full Version: Nice price?
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What do you think about this auction in E___.co.uk - nice price, isn't it?

Price: £0.99 Buy It NowBuy
Postage and packaging £125.21 United Kingdom
Royal Mail 1st Class Standard

wishes matti (Finland)

Sellers that think they have outsmarted the system by hiding the purchase price in the postage should watch out. All it takes is one person to buy that and then complain that ebay's guidelines for what can be charged for postage are not being followed. I think if someone pushed the issue, you would receive the item at the cheap price with only a fair postage charged. The seller will lose on that one.


You can (or at least used to be able to) tell ebay that a current auction violates their terms of use - excess postage to avoid selling fees being one of them.

You can report auctions that violate TOS, but anymore eBay doesn't seem to care.

I reported a few similar auctions, one was buy it now with a $349 shipping charge. The same seller had multiple auctions with low buy it now or start bids and shipping charges that ran several hundred dollars. The listings were never removed and several of the items sold. As a buyer using PayPal, I think you'd only be covered for the $0.99 purchace price , not the shipping...