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Full Version: Miss the print key on my HP 46
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somebody gave me this calculator, it works very well but it misses the print key...
Where I could find it ? Could I buy it separetely (if you know a company which would make this) ?
Kind regards

This will be very hard to find. Unless you find a broken HP-46 I think there is little chance of finding an exact replacement. No other HP calculator had this Print key. I'd look for an old, cheap desktop calculator on ebay that uses a similarly shaped key.

Hi Jonathan,

I have a very similar key, salvaged from an unidentified HP keyboard, which may be very close to what you need. If you can send me an e-mail address, I'll send you a couple of pictures.


Joel Setton

I wrote a message but strangely it didn't appear, I give you again my address: j.civitarese(a)wanadoo.fr
Kind regards