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Full Version: HP-35s that does not exhibit LOCKUP DEMO bug
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I was running through the bug list with my 35s. I can not repeat bug 16. From this thread, the problem seemed to be caused by R/S being pressed after 'LOCKUP DEMO' was displayed. I can run the program without issue.

The calc was purchased from Amazon in May of this year, Serial No. CNA 00207423.

Any thoughts? All of the other bugs are repeatable, except for 11. The program correctly displays I=10. If HP was going to fix bugs, why not fix all of them (especially the mantissa issue with 'DISPLAY ALL.')?

Hello Nate,

Can you tell us what ROM version your 35s is?

This page has instructions for finding it through the self-test menus.

My 35s is ROM version 1 (meaning, it shows the '0' flag annunciator in the LCD). Maybe yours is newer?

ROM version is still 1

How strange! Oh well, there goes that theory.

False alarm it seems... I ran

X001 LBL X
X002 SF 10
X004 CF 10
X006 PSE
X007 GTO X007

and it locked up. After resetting, I re-entered

A001  LBL A
A002 SF 10
A004 0
A005 GTO A004

and it also locked up. Previously that program was not giving me a problem. I re-chechecked several times to make sure I had entered it correctly. Strange.

If HP was going to fix bugs, why not fix all of them (especially the mantissa issue with 'DISPLAY ALL.')?

This is not exactly a bug, but an annoying feature. By the way this is what I disliked most on the 35s. I also disliked the XEQ LABEL ENTER sequence to execute a program. But I suspect HP will not change these features just because I didn't like them :-) Anyway, it's good news if a couple of bugs have really been addressed.