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Full Version: MLDL2000 update
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I have worked out the hardware redesign and most of the preliminary layout, and will have a meeting with the assembler soon, I hope to have a quote before the holidays. currently the MLDL2000 V2 will be a (appr) 60 * 110 cm PCB. I have selected a transparant blue housing that is external to the HP41. It connectes with a cable to the HP41, and for that an old module with connector is needed. If you want an MLDL2000 V2, do not throw away your old modules! The new MLDL will come with a small additional piggyback PCB that has a few LEDs (visible through the transparant housing) and digital I/O signals. These LEDs and I/Os can be controlled from mcode! Instead of the I/O piggyback a microSD card controller may be piggybacked. This is a standard product that comes seperately or can be purchased by the user (see www.ghielectronics.com).
As a background project, I have decided to create support for the MLDL2000 on operating systems other than Windows (Linux and OSX) and I am therefore switching from my trusted Delphi to Lazarus. During the porting I am meeting some challenges, but this is now priority before adding any more features to M2kM. In a test version I can import MOD and HEPAX RAM files mailed from i41CX (but that is still in Delhpi). Lazarus has compliers for various operating systems, and thus M2kM can become a real cross-platform application.

Hi, Meindert;

these are GREAT news, indeed.

Looking forward to see (and buy, as I really do want) one of these 'specimens'.

Cheers and congratulations.

Luiz (Brazilië)

Hi Meindert,

Sounds like you have quite a number of "moving parts" going on with this new project - hope you can control the spin of that many simultaneous changes, not an easy feat.

Have you given some thought to some USB support enhancements, like device auto-recognition? I have no idea how complex that'd be (or if even feasible) but it'd be a great enhancement.


Edited: 5 July 2010, 5:37 a.m.

This sounds very interesting, the Mac OS X support in particular. Are there any more in depth information available of specifications?

Will the Mac OS X support also be available for MLDL2000 V1?

I like to see pictures! :)

Linux support makes this a Me-Want.

It will certainly support V1, as there will always be only one software version, supporting both MLDL2000 V1 and V2. I will first port a Linux version (as I can test that easier) and then OSX. I do not have a MAC myself, and need to go to a friend to test it.