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Full Version: information overload
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See the sellers comments on this 42s http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1349071709 does it work or not??



Nothing about "working or not" said there. It's just a "cut and paste" copy of the description at hpmuseum.org. If it's not authorized by Dave, I'd consider it kind of copyright violation!


I just asked him and he said that the picture was taken from one of the calculators. He is selling two HP-42S. How about that!!!

Can you tell me anything about the condition of this calculator?
Is the picture of the actual calculator?
In that case is it MINT, Very Good, Good condition?
If not, dsecribe Front, Back & Display with respect to scratches, scuffs and marks etc..
Does it have any ascessories like manual and charger etc.
Does it come with the original box?


"I have two of the calculators listed, and I used the same photo for both auctions. It is one of the actual calculators. They both come with the brown plastic sleeve type case. There is nothing else included. They are in remarkably god shape, and I would condiider them mint."

Pretty darn nice of that seller, to display the same exact contents in the registers, so that we may compare his calculator EXACTLY with the one we see here at the museum.