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Full Version: Protective layer of the aluminium part on voyager series.
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Hi all,

I've unexpectedly noticed while restoring an old HP-16C that the aluminium zone around the display is not really just aluminium; there seems to be some very thin film over it, maybe to give it a more mate finish, maybe for a bit of protection against scratching, maybe both.

I wonder if other members know what it is and how can it be re-applied to those unfortunate units that where not well taken care of and are full of scratches.

And one other thing. When polishing the unit aluminium parts, in those cases where they are heavily scratched, I managed to get a really good result, but still, I can't get the corners correct no matter how much I try, it just seems impossible to get to them and make them look exactly like the rest of the bezel. Have any tips for that?

Greets, Bruno

Hi Bruno:

See message #10 by Geoff Quickfall in this thread


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Thanks Bob, that article is fantastic!

Do you know if the book already came out?

Hopefully this year!

Work, house, job change, articles and stuff have delayed 3 chapters.

I am aiming for the HCC 2010 conference for the unvailing.

Now back to work.

Also, I will pm all the owners of their projects tomorrow. I apologize as this last two months have been extremely hectic.

Cheers all,


Re: work, house, job change, articles, book and research for same, classic Toyota rebuild etc.

Get with it man. You are wasting seven or eight hours per day. You can sleep when you're dead.


We should take up a collection to hire a relief pilot for your house repair. And preflighting your HP collection.

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Nice to know the books is coming out Geoff. I'll be waiting and be hoping it will be available in Europe.