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Full Version: Re: HP-41CY emulation for NoV-64.
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I wish to offer just one comment about the following remark recently made in this third post down by Jean-François Garnier : " I think the RAMBox just drives the ISA line in a weak way, so an external ROM can overdrive it. " .

My comment is as follows :

YES ! things seem to happen exactly like this in a RAMBOX I (32K) or RAMBOX II (64K).

During my visit to him in Bergisch Gladbach Germany some 15 years ago Dr Wilfried Koëtz President of W&W Software GmbH explained it to me exactly as follows :

" A plugged in ROM will SPEAK LOUDER to the machine than a RAMBOX page " .

I can think of no better way to fully confirm this assumption of yours, Jean-François.


Antoine M. "Kermit" Couëtte

Edited: 27 June 2010, 1:04 a.m.

Thanks for the confirmation Antoine,

The NoV-64 emulation of the CY indeed uses the principle suggested by J-F Garnier (and now confirmed by yourself), to allow physical modules to be plugged and "mask" the corresponding RAM pages.

One note to those that want to give this CY emulation a try: it does not work on Half-Nuts. Though it has nothing to do with the "weak ISA"...

I'll try to get a new version in short which can also run in Half-Nuts.

Best from the Canaries.


... CY emulation a try: it does not work on Half-Nuts ...

Really? - It should be the other way around because the CY could only be a Half-Nut as there was not enough room inside the Full-Nut.

I know, but that's how it is.

However the trouble has nothing to do with the CY (RAMBOX) code itself but with the way it is implemented into a NoV-64 module.



And, Winfried, thanks for your bar code 82143 printing program all those years ago.

That was you, wasn't it?


... bar code 82143 printing program ... That was you, wasn't it?
Yes, 30 years ago I "invented" the conversion of the HP 82143 printer to print with half linefeed and wrote some programms for printing barcode. It was the time before the IL-printer HP 82162 came out and the only way to print barcode for a poor student.

And some years later when I started using internet, I found my name at www.rskey.org/gene/calcmuseum/162bc2.htm ;)