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Full Version: Funny Museum Posts From The Past...
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I was searching for something or other and ran into this set of amusing postings from 2003. I thought I'd repost them for those of us that haven't been around here that long.

Anyone have another to share?


Nick on 10 May 2003 - Hello:
I have a HP32sII that wont accept keystrokes, unless I press on the bezel. Then it works fine. I haven't taken it apart yet. Anybody run into such a problem?
I am also wondering if it is possible to send a calculator in to HP for repair? Anybody try it recently on a recently discontinued 32sii?

Norm - the way to fix it is to carefully balance it on the mainline Burlington Northern railroad tracks. Wait for a train to come thru. After the train has passed, everything should be okey-dokey.

Randy Sloyer - Norm - don't give away all your good repair secrets. Is this the method for repairing all those 34C's you have? I was wondering how you got those chips to stay in the case. Now we know. A forged calculator :^)

Nick - Norm: I went to the railroad track. There are 2 tracks. Which one do I balance it on? I dont want to make a mistake an ruin my calculator.

Patrick - That was really funny! You idiot, it doesn't matter which track you use so long as you make sure you are standing between the tracks as you balance it.

Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - At the moment the train passes, so you keep it in place???

Have anyone tried this enough times to confirm if it works fine? Anyone? Ahn? You?



Norm - If you are a really fussy repair person,
you can be extra thorough with a bit of ducktape
to keep it in place on the track.

As to which track (there are 2 ?) don't use the one that is used for a side-spur. If you use a sidespur, you'll be waiting
too long for your calculator to get fixed.



try the first five follow-up's from this one. I was taken by surprise, could not think of a better joke, like: 'Which doggie collar? The red-velvet one?'

There is a particular one I am trying to find... Gimme a few more minutes.

Luiz (Brazil)

Yes, that's funny. I see a common thread: your postings are in both of these!

For some reason, it never occurred to me to just post the link to it instead of trying to recreate the posting. Funny how your brain works (or doesn't).



You might want to check this out. It has invaluable appearances (about the middle of the thread)... and priceless thoughts.


Luiz (Brazil)

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