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Full Version: HP-32s doesn't turn on
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I am sure that this has already been answered on this forum, but it is very difficult to look for specific previous threads.

I have a very nice HP-32s that doesn't turn ON. Any suggestions ?

I already tried the "coin" on the conctacts and replaced the batteries. Any new ideas ?

thank you



Try pressing on the metal bezel below the screen while turning it on to see if that helps. If so, you'll want to take it apart and clean the contact strip located there.


Tried that but doesn't work either.

Am I out of options now ?

Thanks again

I had the same problem with a 32s a few months ago. The problem was that the 1 key was stuck. If any keys are stuck, the CPU never starts properly, and it looks like the calculator won't turn on. If you look closely, the LCD does receive power, but none of the display elements are darkened.

Feel all the keys and see if any of them might have the little plastic dome switch stuck down. A firm smack to the rear of the case may release it, otherwise you'll have to pop the back off and open the keyboard.

Did you try remove the batteries and short circuit the battery contacts? I had one of first 32S and it happened w/ it long time ago. Them I did this "hard reset" as instructed by HP manual and voila, it backs to live!