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Full Version: Interesting HP-32E with comma for decimal point
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The HP-32E in this auction uses a comma (,) for the decimal (radix) point and a period (.) as the thousands separator. Note that the serial number on the back of the case has an asterisk (*) as a prefix to indicate this convention. I have converted one of my Spice units to this convention by cutting a jumper on the power circuitry board inside the calculator.

See here

I have one like that given to me from Brazil (made in Singapore though). Probably made for the likes of continental Europe (UK uses period for decimal like the US).


actually the comma for decimals and period for thousands applies to Brazilian standard, too. I also have a Woodstock with a LED display that happens to use comma instead of period. I´ll post pictures later (have to find the LED display, first...)


Luiz (Brazil)