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Full Version: HP 30b pdf manual
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To: Gene Wright

In your review of the 30b in the HPCC site http://www.hpcc.org/ you mentioned "A larger PDF manual is available online as well as"

Please tell me where to find this at the HP site. I found only the learning modules.


You know, I have no idea. The HP website is often a mystery to me and even learning modules come and go randomly sometimes.

I believe they deleted the updated learning modules for the HP 17bII+ a while ago and substituted the ones from 6 years earlier. Go figure.

I have a copy... Email me and magic may occur. :-)

Magic has occurred for 4 of you.

I too just purchased an HP-30b and can't locate the PDF manual. After searching the HP site I went as far as calling HP Support Help Line. The representative told me that he has no idea when the manual is expected to be posted.

Would it be possible for you to email it to me? It would be very helpful to have the manual as there are many features I have no idea how to use.

Thank you in advance.

Jerry Weisskohl


Direct Link


Edited: 14 June 2010, 1:06 p.m.

Thank you! Much Appreciated.


Hi Gene, I just received my HP30b and would like if you could also send me some magic (PDF manual) to psolosky@cnm.edu. Thank you.

See the message I posted up 2.