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Full Version: Excellent purchase! (not mine, what a pity)
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And it is a `serviceable` coconut... The CX of my dreams!


Luiz (Brazil... )

No, not quite. I was watching this auction and I know it was ended early, though it really does not say that anywhere. To end an auction early, you have to give a reason, so that really should be displayed somewhere on the page. I think the seller must have realized that the included PPC ROM module should have been listed separately and so he ended the auction to do that.


Or probably he got a BIN offer and couldn't resist ...

That could be, I didn't think of that. I don't ever do that, so I forget that there could be things going on "under the table".


Look at the bids page. It ended after six days.

Edited: 20 June 2010, 2:45 a.m.

Well, I never saw this auction; with a PPC ROM and all. But--I was successful (in my 1st ever eBay attempt) in getting a 41CX with an Advantage Module for $275, and I'm happy with that. Especially considering I was foolish enough to have gotten rid of an early HP-41C, Finance, Statistics, Mechanics, Statics, and Memory modules back in the late '80s. And the Wickes Synthetic Programming book too.

Guess I'm trying to recreate that era, and since the $275 I just paid for a 41CX is less than the $395 I paid for the 41C plus inflation, I think I'm not doing too bad so far.