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Full Version: Loop of + benchmark now in Articles section
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New Benchmark


It's interesting that the 35s is faster doing register arithmetic
(STO + Z) than simply +ing on the stack. Is that because dropping
the stack each time uses more steps? regards, Glenn

Maybe it is due to the different types that might be on the stack. Is it a real? Is it a complex number? Each + might require that to be checked, whereas a STO+ operation might not. Guessing.

No 49G?

HP 49G
Count: 12,351
Code: 1. << DO 1. + UNTIL 0. END >>

HP 49G
Count: 11,041
Code: << WHILE 1. REPEAT 1. + END >>


I think everyone tries to forget that unit for a variety of reasons. . . :-D


What about in integers?

#1 << DO #1 + UNTIL 0. END >>

My 49 died a while back :-(
So did my 48sx :-(
And no batteries for my 28s and a broken battery door to boot :-(

- Pauli

For my 50g, I get 19692 (average of 3 runs).


What about in integers?

#1 << DO #1 + UNTIL 0. END >>

#7164d (WS = 16)

#7130d (WS = 64)


16C using increment

Count: 340
With 0 in I
Code: Lbl A, Isz, Gto A

Hp 50G 12,000,000

User-rplfunction 'SUM(I=1, 12000000,1)' interpreted by custom library in HPGCC. The library evaluates functions, sums and numerical integrals from the Equation Writer in double precision for most real functions.

Hello Gene,

congrats, a real great compilation of that simple benchmark across several generations of calculators!

However, for the great HP41C/CV/CX one benchmark is missing: MCODE

In the book "HP41 MCODE for Beginners" of Ken Emery, published 1985, a 20-step machine code for this 1+ addition algorithm is presented (pages 50-52) which I wont list here.

To make things short:

Count: ~130 000

This is about 100-fold of FOCAL or Synthetic programs!

The 41 was, is and remains amazing