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Full Version: Voyager display swapping - any advice ?
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Hi All,

I'm about to replace a a 16c display with a 12c display. I have a 12c of the correct vintage, opened both cases and verified they are compatible. Both calcs are 1984 vintage, USA made. They don't have the separate display and flex circuit board, these are the next generation with display mounted directly on the circuit board. I believe they may be referred to as "fine pitch" from reading other forum postings. I have removed all heat stakes from both calcs and taken both circuit boards out.

I am after advice about removing and installing the actual display. There are 8 metal "tags" holding the display to the circuit board, which are part of the display bezel. Should I bend these tages up completely ? (I fear that may snap off), or just move them enough to get them back through the holes in the circuit board without actually bending them ? And how to I get them all through the eight holes again ??

All advice welcome :-)


I don't have a 16C, but my first question would be: are the status indicators the same?

Hi Bart, yes the displays are the same across the Voyager series, but the connections to the display did vary through time.

If someone has done the swap, I'd like to know the procedure and precautions.


Sorry I can't help you, but now I'll keep a mental note of the Voyager displays and if I ever want to swap one, I'll know who to seek advice from ;)

Any time Bart :-)



AFAIK, all 1.5V, LR44-like, 3-cell Voyager EXCEPT some new HP12C´s use the same LCD and they all share the same status indicators (only the HP12C Platinum has fewer indicators). Should check if the HP12C you are using as a donor has one of the two possible, compatible inside layout. If you open the two calculators and they either have a small flex-circuit assembly with the LCD and all electronics OR a one-piece MB with two IC´s, the LCD´s are interchangeable. If the HP12C has a PCB with provision for one single IC, I cannot tell the same.

Can you post a picture of the two calculators so we can evaluate it better?


Luiz (Brazil)