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Full Version: removing alluminium bezel (was restoring an HP11C)
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ciao a tutti,

I had finally the chance to take few pics and upload them

The keyboard bezel has already been restored to my best effort,with a very thin brush and opaque black enamel
(I always forget to take picture before...)
The logo will be restored using the same technique, since I have tried with some silver markers but these are way too opaque, so I'll go for some chrmoe enamel.
However, I have tried to brush with some sandpaper the aluminuim bezel, with little improvement, which is why I'd like to remove it and brush it much better.
Has anyone done it ?
As always, thank you very much for help, take care and have a nice day,

I have removed a bezel using dental floss slipped under the edge, and worked carefully across the length of the bezel. You have to be careful with the grounding springs, but if you know where they are, you can avoid damaging them.

Thank you very much for your message

You mean the two springs that can be removed unscrewing the backplate, right ?
I could remove them first, and then using the dental floss remove the bezel...
I'll give it a try, and let everybody know
thanks for help, Alberto