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Full Version: on the trail of the 12c+
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I want one of the new ARM based 12c+ models. Amazon have a reasonable price. does anyone know if they're shipping the new one by now (in UK).

-- hugh.

How can one knows it is an HP 12C+? vs. just a 12C?

Are they being labeled as 12c+?

Are they being labeled as 12c+?

No, the package looks the same. You can tell from the width of the battery door (visible from the shrinkwrap). The old 12c has a small battery door (about one inch) and the new 12c+ has a much wider door (about 2.5 inches).

Yes they have started to use new packaging. The mostly black package that you see on other new HP models instead of the mostly white package. I have found them in both packages at Office Max stores.

Based on the serial number, models made this year are in the new package. The models they were making in 2008 (and 2009 I would guess) are in the old package.


That's very interesting! I wonder if the 2010 12c+ has the new firmware to make the keycodes stay visible when single-stepping a program? That's all I really miss, the speed of the new one is amazing - going back to the slow one I notice the pauses.

I suspect it would be hard to tell if a given unit has this fix. I would think that Cyrille would send the .bin file to anyone who had a unit without the fix. Of course, that person would need the special cable too.