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Full Version: OT: Casio fx-603P
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Hi all,

yes, I know, it's not exactly the right place to say it, but since they were very powerfull high-end calculators back in the 80's-90's, I thought some of you would perhaps be interested in knowing that there are two (2) CASIO fx-603p (yes, 603, not 602) on sale on eB**.
Unfortunately, prices are as crazy as these calculators are rare...
As an happy owner of a venerable and still functionning fx-602p, I would have been very pleased to discover how improved it may have been with its successor, but I will keep on satisfying myself by watching photos and reading datasheets of it...

Kind regards.

I formerly owned a FX-602P. It was a great little wonder no doubt about that.


I got myself an FX602P in 1981 and still keep it as one of my favourite calculators (got myself a spare, to be honest). I did not know about the 603 until a few years ago, I saw one in Prague in a supermarket and was stupid enough not to buy one. I immediately recognized the 602 heritage, and I thought, wow, they are releasing a new model, let's buy one for $3 less once they show up in France. Bummer!
From what I read, the 603 was not a huge success. It was sold in Japan for a while, and part of the stock went to eastern europe. I wish I bought the model I saw in Prague, but for new, the 602 (and my HP calcs) must do the job.

i saw some of these some time ago on ebay (somewhat cheaper too), but i dont really want one. it looks, to me, a lot later built. Japan market only? Also, plastic case etc.

The 602p and 502p are cracking machines tho'

The 603p is actually metal, not plastic. I like it a lot. I also have two 602p's. Hard to say which I prefer, but from a strict "in the hand, user experience" perspective I'd have to say the advantage goes to the 602p. It's considerably smaller and lighter. However, the 2 line display of the 603 and the additional functionality is nice... I definitely prefer its looks, overall.

When my first HP (a 34c) died I replaced it with a 602p. Had a lot of fun programming that one (and cramming lots into its miserly 512 bytes). It served me well for close to a decade before it went bad too. Finally replaced by a HP-28s which was also a lot of fun.

I wouldn't mind getting a 603p...

- Pauli

wow. maybe i should have got one when they were cheaper. i was judging by the pictures.

I have 2 working fx-602p's plus peripherals and manuals if anybody is interested

I'm more than a bit interested.

Which peripherals? I used to have the cassette/music interface and the thermal printer.

- Pauli