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Full Version: HP9820A
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Well, count me as another idiot.

My friend and I were just handed a HP 9820A, unknown condition.

As usual, the card reader is unhappy, printer unknown, and no display. We took it to bits, and washed everything down. Came out looking great (Magic Eraser worked wonders on the external case).

Power supplies, as usual, are rock-solid and happy.

We _briefly_ got a valid display (0: END |-), after one power
one, but never again.

Clocks are fine, cleaned up some corrosion in a couple of edge
connectors. It obviously _wants_ to live.

So, we will be working on this over the next few months. Thank you to all of you on this forum that have shared your experiences bringing up your gear - it will help. I'll share what we find along the way.

I wish you success! If you had it working once, it should be not to hard, but it may be ;-)

I have finished repairing a HP 9810A just two weeks ago. The 9810 uses the same mico processor. Feel free to ask if you think it may help.

Best regards,


I have a 9820 here. I could do some measurements if you want. There is also a simulator at sourceforge, with it you may trace where the program is halting.

Anybody wnat a 9820 ? I'll have to trow it away at the end of the month :(

I'd be interested in saving your 9820 from the bin if there are no other takers!

I'm in the US, though.


I'll be most happy to give your 9820 a warm home, and all the loving care it needs! I'll pay shipping to France.

Joel Setton