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Full Version: Mini HP meeting
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Since I will be in the Bay area (from Fla), db has suggested a mini HP calc enthusiasts meeting in Martinez, CA during the the weekend of May 15-16, 2010. Please see his reply to my original post farther down in the Forum. Anyone out there interested in an informal calc and wine get together that weekend?

Hey Art; If it works for you and anyone else who might want to show, let's aim for Saturday the 15th if possible. I can make it the 16th if need be though, and if you're still interested in doing the flea market in Oakland on Sunday morning, i'm all over that. As the guest; you get to buy any HPs we find, unless it's a 95c. All bets are off in that case.

Saturday it is! You'll get two Arts for the price of one since my wife's brother in law will drive us out there and later to Bethel Island. He is a building dept. official and former contractor who is into rehabbing houses, CAD and wine! It should be fun even if he does not (yet) have the old HP calc bug. Hopefully you can round up a few others out there as well. We'll coordinate further via phone soon.

Hi Art

I can only recomend a meeting now and then. I held one last saturday and it was a great success.

If you want to you can view some photos at my blog.

Good luck

Best regards

Johnny, Denmark