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Full Version: I'm thinking to sell my Red-DOT!!
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Hi dear friends,
can you see any reasons to justify this ?
Thanks for your opinion.


Nope, that's insane.

Is the "red dot" the raised bump on the 5?

No, the red dot is a little indicator to the right of the on off slider. This particular 35s at auction is not a red dot.

Well, a painting that Pablo Picasso did in one day just sold for $106 million. Do you have any of those lying around?

I recently got a 35 for about 1/10 of the one in the link, but it's not nearly as pretty. It works, though.

Hi Ignazio,

If you sell yours then I'll just have to sell mine for even more! lol

Although I agree that the price in this case is rather high, perhaps it's not totally ridiculous, since it happens to be a late version 2 that still has "the bug", and these are becoming fairly difficult to find. Also, I'm not sure but the auction is on the Italian TAS and caters to a market that may be more tolerant of high prices. About a month ago an HP-70 on the US TAS sold for nearly $1000 USD, and it was not even perfect. That was a worldwide auction, and the winning bidder was probably european. A short time later a nearly identical HP-70 sold to a US bidder for about half as much. Anyway, this is not the first time that TAS auctions have gone crazy, nor will it be the last. At least we're not trying collect rare art.


well, at least that's a calculator, take a look at :
item 370376717551
item 370376716875
and tell me what do you think ...
if these would sell for those prices, we are all going to be very rich ...cheers, Alberto

...if these would sell for those prices, we are all going to be very rich ...

Not in the U.S. I recently had two Spice power transformers, and could only get 20-something U$D for them.

Hi Michael,
when I wrote my post the seller had not inserted yet the note about the bug. But it's my opinion that the price is too high, I have purchased my Red-Dot for less money.
BYW, the auction is on TAS USA! (# 120564849077)



I'm rich I have two boxes full of them! :-)

Hi Ignazio,

Yes, I see now that it is indeed TAS USA and the item location is also in the USA. It would be interesting to know if the high bidder is also in the USA. The bid history suggests that it is a US bidder (all items in English). I agree that the price is high, already over $600 USD and of course that is really the second highest bid minus $10, so the actual max bid is higher. The auction is almost over, so maybe this will end up being the winning price.

Edit: Bidding has ended and winning price remained at $605.



Edited: 7 May 2010, 3:48 p.m.