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Full Version: What is wrong with this HP-19C
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I spied this HP-19C on TAS. It's obviously got a problem, but I wonder what. Bad ACT? Anyway, here it is:

HP-19C on TAS

Probably. The 19C is essentially a Woodstock. Powering it up without a good battery could result in burning out the ACT and other components, such as the continuous memory chips and even the ROM chips. This would result in the flashing display.

Yeah, so sad. These are so rare anyway, and then to see that most of them are fried is truly a shame. Fortunately, I have one that works perfectly, but am always worried about charging the batteries inside the calculator.

BTW, occasionally these will power up O.K. when a regular battery is put in place if it hasn't been burned out yet. That's why I'll bid some for it, but I won't go too high... it's not worth it if it's only going to be a parts machine. But, I had to mention... there's a chance it COULD still work.