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Full Version: ILPer/Emu41/Transferring Files
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Can anyone step me through this process. I am trying to load the HP-67 Coil Calculations ported to the HP-41 by Tony Duell. Any help would be appreciated.//

Greetings! Quick question, are you:

1) trying to get files from your HP41 onto EMU41 on a computer?
2) looking to type something up on the computer (EMU-41) and send it to the HP41?

If so, can you provide an example of the code you would like to transfer and/or a listing of hardware you have available to accomplish this?

IMHO, even with a full set of hardware including the zengrange, No VRAM, HHP eprom, CMT eprom, EMU41/ILPER/Serial Converter/Pil-BOX and such. The fastest/easiest way to transfer moderately short programs from computer to 41c calculator is the User-Code barcode generator by Leo Duran

It only requires a computer, printer, and wand.

There are many other methods, of course.

These files are in either .raw or .dat format. I have the HP-41CX hooked up to the PILBox/ILPer what I need to do is to transfer the program from the computer to Hdrive1 than I can send it to the calculator. What is the method using EMU41 to save the file to the hdrive1? Or can this even be done?


For the .raw format, I propose this procedure using the
HP41UC utility of Leo Duran and the PIL-Box. Assume the program prm41.raw has to be loaded into the HP41:

- Install HP41UC and ILPer in the same folder than Emu41,
- convert the raw file to the emu41in.dat file using the HP41 "INP/OUTP" format:
hp41uc /r=prm41.raw /d=emu41in.dat
- in Emu41:
GTO ..
FINDID ; this returns 3 in the default emu41.ini config
now, save the program to HDRIVE1 disc image file
- on the HP41 linked to the PIL-Box, with ILPer running and targetting the same hdrive1.dat disc image file:
GTO ..


Another way to do this without EMU41 would be to use HP41UC to convert the .RAW and .DAT to .LIF. You can only do one program at a time, i.e. 3 programs, 3 .LIF, e.g.:

hp41uc /r=blah.raw /l=blah.lif blah


hp41uc /d=blah.dat /l=blah.lif blah
The 1st argument is the input file (/r= or /d=), the 2nd is the output file, the 3rd (optional) is the name of the program in the LIF directory, if not specified it will equal the name of the input file sans the extension. I like to play it safe and specify the LIF directory name.

Next start-up ILPer, and point to the first .LIF as the HD image.

Connect the 41, execute "DIR" and you should see your program. Put that program name in the ALPHA register and then execute "READP". Change ILPer HD image to the second .LIF file and repeat.

Thanks to all who responded. I have succesfully completed the transfer. Thanks JF for describing the sequence. Worked as you had written it.

Edited: 3 May 2010, 5:57 p.m.