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Full Version: Spare Part Needs - Spice Series Battery Cover - More
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I am going to create a battery cover for a Spice series calculator using the same rapid prototyping method used to make these Classic Series latches:

Is anyone else interestd in the same replacement?

Any other reproduction/scarce items needed? Goal is to be able to make comparable parts for much less than buying a donor unit (if found!)


The one that came to mind immediately is a wood stock battery holder.


That one came to mind for me too! My HP21 has a 'roughed-up' cover.

I currently do not own a Woodstock series. Anyone have a battery holder in rough shape? Can be broken in two or missing pieces, as long as I can tell what was there I can reproduce it.

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I hear ya Tim! I started this, but the little contact I got from Amphenol would need to get bent over or trimmed off if we wanted the calculator to still sit flush.

I stopped to see if I could find another type. I just got some samples of push contacts for an application at work (gold plated too). They are for only a .062 diameter, but if they had a bigger vs it should fit great.

I'll update you soon.

Hard to spend too much time on this as spring has sprung here in Maine and you need to take advantage while the weather is good. Winters are too long!

Thanks for this update.

Ah yes, as a native New Englander I remember the nice weather. Being in northeastern Ohio, one doesn't see much of the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is actually chronic up here (no joke).



I have been looking for a couple of battery covers for a Spice calculator for a long time...

the woodie series battery box is kind of complicated and will need to be done in at least two parts. i have one you can scan. contact me through the forum system and i can send it to you.

a note on the spice series door: make sure the one you pattern yours after is a good fit for several units. some are tweaked and sit funny; latching, but just barely and having one edge or another standing proud of the bottom face of the calculator.

Please, add me to the list, will it be in Blank or in Black ? Cheers Alberto

Hi, add me to your list. I have an HP-67 with both latches broken. A dark color should be better. Thanks! Albert.

right now, the least expensive method only gives me white.

are you willing to pay more for Black? I will try another vendor for black , but I think it will cost a lot more.