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Full Version: MLDL2000 V2 update
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I finally found some time during the Easter weekend to work on my breadboard version of the MLDL2000V2, and I now have the last bits of design figured out. I have worked out most of the schematics and have started working on the layout. I hope to be in a position to request quotes for the PCB and assembly within a few weeks, and may need to do some changes based on the input of the assembler. Anyone who is interested in obtaining the MLDL2000 should contact me, so I can have an idea of quantities, as that is important for the quote. Technical details will follow when I have the feedback from the assembler (this may influence the choice of some of the components).


Hello Meindert,

I´m very interested. I´ll buy one, at least.
Very nice Job!!

Hi Meindert,

I would be interested too, although this depends to a certain extent on the actual cost; are we talking roughly the same price as the previous one, 260€?
What about an enclosure for it? You said this won't fit any more in a card read's enclosure. Will there be something else to fulfil to same function?

On an other note, and if you don't mind my mentioning it, your site gives out text for links using a dark blue colour. On your starry black background this is simply unreadable (I have to select the text so that the colours get inverted to be able to read them). Any chance you could change that?



Hi Meindert,

I buy one. Oleg

Hi, Meindert;

although having two MLDL2000 working units, a new one, with new design and functionality, is aways welcome. I´m interested, and want to buy one.


Luiz (Brazil)

Just a few additional remarks:
- price is unkown, this depends on quantity and the quote I get from the assembler and PCB supplier
- there will be only one PCB, in a box. The exact size to be determined
- the new unit will be in an external housing (fully assembled as an option) buyers will have to supply a module housing for the cable
- memory capacity will probably be increased (depending on component cost an availability)
- HP41 Analyzer will be fully integrated
- SD card controller (fro micros SD card) is optional, this is an additional PCB, which is commercially available
- power consumption will be much better (except when using the SD card controller)
- integrated LED's, programmable with mcode


Hi Meindert,

I too would get one, sounds too good to pass on...

BTW I never thanked you for the updated Mk2 manager SW - it works like a champ for me. I've been using it lately to port old user code programs into roms - and the one-line-per-word option is just a godsend.

Keep up the good stuff!

I am also interested.

I'm interested in buying one.

Hi Meindert,

I too am very interested in buying one. It looks really great.