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Full Version: HP97 box restore project (you may remember)
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Hi everybody

someone of you may remember I was working on a restoration

project of an HP97 box, received in bad conditions.

After I while, since the restoration was too hard for the results
I was getting, I have purchased a flat bad scanner,
and scanning the good parts, I have rebuilt the box.

What you see (look at it compared to a mobile phone size)

is a mock-up one third of the original size
The idea is then print this out in original size (I have worked on the original size with the scanner) on a self adhesive film, and then put it on the original box.
Actually I have scanned several rare boxes, mostly for HP accessories, should anybody be interested in these, I'll be more than happy to share those heavy files with everyone.
As always, feedbacks are welcome !
Enjoy your weekend, Alberto

Ciao Alberto,

you are a real enthusiast! The box looks quite nice. Such small mock-ups might also be interesting to show the box besides the calculator in a showcase.

Next, buy a 3D scanner, scan the cases of some HP calcs and create transparent replica cases so you can see the innards ;-)

Take care,

Nice job Alberto!
I would be interested in your kind offer and, since we are both based in Milano (if I am not wrong) we could even meet in person to share our enthusiasm, and a beer too... ;-)


ciao Jurgen,

well, actually I'm talking to some people in order to understand
I much would it cost a molded replica of a case ....
I'll keep you posted if I make any progress
I may have the printing on film done within the next two weeks,
is failry cheap, I have been talking to a company and the price
is about 35€ per each square meter of printing.
Since it is regardless of the number of objects you put on the surface, you can have ten or more mixed sizes boxes.
Then I'll post some photos of the results
Also, you can morph a 32E box into a more rare 34C box ...
take care my friend, Alberto

Hi Massimo,

that will be my pleasure, send me an email at alberto dot fenini at consys dot it, take care Alberto

I'm curious about the results, keep on your interesting work!