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Full Version: Wanted: Online database for displaying collection
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Hi there folks

Does anyone here know of a easy to use free online database that I can use for displaying my collection?

I do not have the time to start programming PHP and MySql right now...



You could try using a journal website, for instance Livejournal. Or you could use photo sharing sites...

A while ago I played with Zoho Creator. I don't remember why I stopped using it, but this kind of free stuff often has some nasty limitations to make you update to the paid version. But probably, you are lucky and it fits your needs.


Photosharing with Google's "Picasa" is free, friendly, and powerful enough. There are other options, for sure.

Thanks. The Soho looks interesting. Something like what I was looking for.

Juergen, just in case you know - do they also allow pictures and pdf download links?



If I remember correctly, they allow images; but I'm not sure if they support attachments like PDF etc.

Johnny, Don't know exactly what you are looking for, but perhaps a photo album would do. For eaample, see Jalbum It's free, allows some free online storage for your albums, and reallr easy to use. With eash photo you can show an extensive "comment." See how I have used it, click here and look at the rain meter repair.