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Full Version: TI Selling new TI NSpire Touchpad
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Hi All,

I just got an email from TI announcing that they are starting to take orders for the new TI Spire CAC/non-CAS Touchpad. I went a head and placed an order for the calculator and for the accompanying software.


I just ordered the CAS unit, it should arrive at my house tomorrow.


do you know if there's an SDK for the new nspire? i had a quick look on the ti site and didnt find anything. i saw the 89/92 sdk, but nothing for the nspire?


Oh Cool ... I am away from home, visiting with my son in Flagstaff, AZ.


The touchpad arrived. I find it easier to type notes on the Touchpad version rather than the clickpad - despite the alpha keys are smaller on the Touchpad version.

In addition, any public library objects must be saved in the MyLib folder, Problem 1. Otherwise refreshing the libraries won't pick up the objects for the catalogue (I consider this a bug)

Eddie, it's not a bug if they tell you about it.

Student Guidebook page 408.

My bad. Thanks, Don.

Maybe for the next version they will allow libraries in any problem within a file, not just the first. I agree with you, that would make sense.

Hugh, I don't know if that is possible on the NSpire. It doesn't support "apps" in the traditional TI-83/84 sense, only the applications it comes with (calculator, graphs, etc.). People have written custom .tns libraries (conics, linear algebra, and number theory), but those can be done on any NSpire. I read that someone developed something to let you run C code on the NSpire, but it seems to require a much earlier NSpire operating system, so I doubt that is very viable.

All this talk, the nice pics on this forum... "resistance is futile", my non-CAS Nspire Touchpad arrived today and I have spent most of my evening playing with it :).

I ordered it from a supplier with "educational supplies" in their title, so my wife (a teacher) who answered the door when it was delivered, was very curious and all around me until I opened it, and then replied somewhat in disgust "oh, another one of those". To quote a tagline I've seen on other collector forums "my biggest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell it all for what I told her it cost".