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Full Version: A new wiki: HP in 10 words
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I recently ran across a new wiki- each article is limited to exactly 10-words long. There are some very clever ( and funny) definitions!! I noticed one was missing.


Here's my entry for HP..
Any takers for other links?








i added one to your hp wiki and made one for the 41

A serious one for the HP-15C:

Near-flawless scientific calculator; extended derivative of HP-11C and HP-34C.

And a contentious one:

Value and ease: Hall of Fame! Putting 41C to shame.

-- KS

Edited: 31 Mar 2010, 2:24 a.m.

HP 15C:

Great portrait-size scientific/programmable calculator, made in 1982.

I like this one.


a website where words are described with ten words, duh

Someone had already added a definition for "41cx"

When the very best is only just barely good enough.

I couldn't let that stand, so I added this:

Geeky cult classic calculator/computer. Built by engineers for engineers.

How about this one for the
42s :

Penultimate Hewlett Packard calculator. Expensive on ebay- good birth control.

Edited: 31 Mar 2010, 10:35 p.m.

Allen, what in the world does "good birth control" mean?

you don't have to splain it to me lucy. i got that treatment when i paid about $280 for a cx and survey module back in '83, and it was worth it. mmmmmm, that new hp smell.

I think he means spending that much for a grown man's toy may bring the wife to anger...

Hard to get pregnant when you're counting lines of code, or calculating how many numbers of the form x^6 have a 4 and 6 digit but no 5. :)

This is a variation on Pauli's exclusion principle where wife and calculator can not exist in the same hand due to different energy levels and spin.

Edited: 1 Apr 2010, 9:26 p.m.

So, calculator as condom. Wouldn't that be an interesting research project!

On another forum (not calculator-related either!) someone posted a picture of a man lying on their bed with his HP calculator and his half-naked wife (hopefully wife) there unable to get his attention. It was funny but I'll refrain from re-posting. You'll have to imagine.

... hopefully wife ...

No birth control without a wife. We don't want to leave the topic, do we? d;-)