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Full Version: What's the auction world coming to? A 32S sells for more than a 16C
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This HP 32S sold for more than this HP 16C. Someone was really deperate for a 32S?

That has "maybe I can replace it before he/she notices" written all over it :-)

Someone was really deperate for a 32S?
Don't think so. I suspect you don't collect Pioneers... as it is not your average 32S. Not just in condition but in form as well. I would guess-ta-mate it is one in a thousand.

It looks like it beats the lowest known serial number by quite a bit, maybe that is why it went for so much?


Earliest 32S = 2809

Unit in question: 3013S

How does that beat the lowest number?


1. It has new batteries.

2. It's from Belgium, so the buyer get some non-US stamps to add to his collection.

3. The seller used a large font.

Could it be any simpler?

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Randy hinted at the salient point:

... it is not your average 32S. Not just in condition but in form as well. I would guess-ta-mate it is one in a thousand.

This one is a 1990 model, likely the only year of the HP-32S with the improved Pioneer-series display -- recessed, with anti-glare face, taller characters, and dust seal. The HP-32S in 1988-89 had the original 'flush' display, and HP-32SII replaced it in 1991.

I also paid around $200 a few years ago when I found a 1990 HP-32S in very good condition at auction.

-- KS

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You mean it wasn't the font? 8-)

Thanks for the information, Karl. I was not aware of the different 32S versions.

Randy is right that I am not a collector of calculators. I just like to get interesting models.

However, this is my 32S, serial no. 3038Sxxxxx. Thus it falls exactly in that era you mention, but I got it on eBay last year for for less than 1/4 of the price.

Anyway, if i'd have had the money to spare, i would rather have purchased this HP67 and taken my wife for dinner with the change (after which she'd forgive my calculator extravagance).

So, at what point do you become a collector? I guess when you find all of the models interesting....

I have about a dozen calculators, a small number compared to some of the numbers mentioned here. Or am I in denial....

Umm, I just did a count, I'got just over a dozen HP's, about two dozen in total.

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2 12c (1 USA, one China)
2 15c
1 32sii
1 33s
1 35s
1 41CV
2 42s
1 48gx
1 50g

and 63 non-HP models...

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I don't find all the models interesting and don't feel being a collector...

but have

10 48GX
6 48G+
2 48 G
3 48SX
1 48S


5 10B

1 10S

3 11C

5 12C

1 16C

1 17B-II

1 19B-II

1 22

1 25

1 27

1 28S

1 32E

1 32S

2 33C

2 33S

2 35

2 38C

2 41C

1 41CV

1 41CX

2 45

1 48S

1 67

2 80

1 2240A

1 2240B

plus hundreds by other manufacturers