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Full Version: HP 32SII keyboard - dead column of keys fixed
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Found archived forum message about fixing the HP 32SII keyboard where the right column of keys was flaky or dead. Of the two methods offered, I went the route of carefully cutting around the four posts in the battery compartment to separate posts from body with a very sharp, pointed Exacto knife blade. From there I departed from the method slightly. It is not necessary to loosen the four posts at the bottom. I just carefully kept the calc pried open from the top far enough to slide the jaws of a small set of needle-nose pliers in and twist the anchors to tighten them slightly. Problem solved. All keys work great now.

Good job! I have volunteered to fix a 17B with the same exact problem, so I'm hoping mine goes this easy too.


problem is, it isn't the twist tabs that are responsible. It is the foam pad used to push the keyboard flex PCB against the logic PCA.

This foam deteriorates with time and loses its resiliency.

Although the fix works for now the foam will need to be replaced.

Cheers, Geoff