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Full Version: HP-97 Card reader reassembly
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I've replaced the drive rollers, cleaned everything, and am now ready to reassmble. The problem I'm having is getting the side load springs in place.

To simplify description of the issue, I will refer to the read head assembly (motor, read head, etc) as the TOP and the frame (the part with the feet and ball recesses) as the BOTTOM.

When I took it apart the spings dutifully stayed in their recesses in the TOP as I lifted it off the BOTTOM. However, I now can't get them to stay in place as I attempt to set the TOP back onto the BOTTOM.

One would think that these springs should be set into the BOTTOM, along with the pinch roller and nylon balls so the TOP could be dropped into place without the springs falling out. However, the sping recesses in the BOTTOM are so large that they don't hold the springs in the position where they must be to mate with the smaller recesses in the TOP.

So, it's pretty clear that HP wants me to set the springs into the recesses in the TOP. However, they don't fit tight enough in the TOP recesses, so they fall out when I invert it to set the TOP onto the BOTTOM.

Sorry for being so wordy here, but I wanted to make myself clear.


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Hi Ed, I sometimes just bend them a bit more so they stay in place while reassembling.



To keep from kinking it I wrapped it around a 1/8" diameter dowell pin. Worked great.


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